Guest Blog: Winter Wedding Tips From PPANI Member Sarah Fyffe

The PPANI is delighted to be able to bring one of our coolest photographers, Sarah Fyffe to our blog for a special guest appearance. Sarah is a hugely talented photographer from Omagh, Northern Ireland. This is a great read. Thanks again to Sarah for allowing the PPANI to showcase this great blog which first appeared on Sarah’s own site.


Images & Written By Sarah Fyffe


I’ve noticed more and more brides opting for winter weddings. While the increased trend for Winter Weddings can look atmospheric and romantic it is not without its challenges.  You’ll need a talented photographer with experience of working in winter light and cold conditions to make you look your best.


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Here’s my Top Ten Winter Wedding Style Tips to ensure your Winter Wedding goes as smoothly as possible and you get beautiful photographs no matter what the weather.


1. Wrap up Warm

Dress appropriately. You will never look or feel your best if you are cold.  Your posture and body language will be affected. Consider a coat or cardigan to flatter your dress or get creative with a jumper or wrap. It is possible to look stylish AND keep warm!


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Your bridesmaids will also thank you for it! Consider long sleevs and a heavier material. Check out these gorgeous, luxurious, deep red velvet bridesmaids dresses by one of my fave local designers Una Rodden.


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Consider faux fur capes for yourself and your bridesmaids that they can keep on for the outside photos.

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Make a statement with gloves to keep your extremities warm!

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2. Get There If You Can

With our recent history of extreme winters it is very important that you book reliable transport that will get you through the ice and snow safely, if necessary.  Rule out vintage cars at this time of year especially if you have a long journey.

If possible keep travel to a minimum.  If you do have to travel arrange a bus for your bridal party and guests.

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3. It’s all about the Light

In my opinion, planning an early ceremony is the one most important elements to ensure you make enough time for some natural light portraits.

Those intimate moments you spend together during your couple shots are incredibly special so make sure you allow time to have these shots in natural light.  In Winter we lose the light at around 3’o’clock in the afternoon so it’s important to take this into consideration when planning your winter wedding.

This might mean planning an earlier ceremony time or perhaps considering a First Look, to catch your couple shots ahead of the ceremony.

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4. Fake it

At this time of year the flowers you want may be out of season or may be delayed due to bad weather.  Consider a brooch bouquet instead of fresh flowers- you’ll have them as a keepsake after the wedding!

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5. Baby it’s cold outside

To save time and avoid you and your guests freezing, forget about greeting your guests outside the ceremony.  If you really want a line up this can be organised just before dinner in the warmth of your venue.

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6. Shoot the Group

Plan group shots before hand with your photographer and keep them to a minimum to avoid freezing your relations and friends! They’ll thank you for it.


7. Warm Feet

During your outdoor shoot avoid getting your heels stuck in the grass by changing into a pair of boots or Uggs. This will be far more practical and no one will notice them underneath your dress.  Think of the comfort and warmth!


8. Venue

Consider having your ceremony and reception at the one venue incase of bad weather.  It’s also sensible to choose a venue with an amazing well-lit space inside for photos, in case snow, rain or ice forces you indoors.

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9. Makeup

Winter lighting is cooler than warm Summer light. Create a glow by using a little under-eye highlighter and some blusher. Try warm, glowing hues and remember to moisturize to keep skin from drying out in the cold.  Bring lip stick with you to refresh your makeup during the photo shoot.


10. Smile on the Inside

Don’t look cold, smile on the inside, you just got married!! If it helps carry a flask of hot chocolate or something stronger for the photo shoot.  Pocket warmers are great to avoid ‘blue’ hands and don’t forget the best source of heat will be to cuddle your groom!!

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I hope this helps if you are planning your winter wedding.


Thanks again to Sarah for this guest post on the PPANI blog. For further information, give Sarah a call at her studio or visit her website at

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