Jayne Harkness Awarded Licentiateship With The PPANI

By Shea Deighan

The PPANI is happy to announce that Antrim based photographer, Jayne Harkness of Jayne Harkness Photography has been awarded her licentiateship with the PPANI in wedding photography.

Jayne had been an auxiliary member of the PPANI for a few years and has joined her husband, Ewan in obtaining the Licentiateship qualification.


The route to licentiateship qualification within the PPANI is by submitting twenty digital images. In the case of Jayne whose chosen subject was weddings, ten images were from one wedding and ten images were from various others. Probationary members can take up to one year to become fully qualified. The PPANI assign a suitable mentor and between the candidate and the mentor, twenty images are decided and tweaked before being put forward for judging.


These images show that Jayne is in full control of the medium of wedding photography. Her images show correct camera technique, full control of the lighting and the final production of the finished image.

We the PPANI, expect to see that all of our qualified photographers are in control of the subjects portrayed and in this category – weddings, that they are posed in an attractive manner and good expressions obtained.


As always, a big thanks to our judges, Ciaran & Mike who took the time to judge.


Congratulations Jayne.


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