Jay Doherty

Profile-Pic-LongSpecialising In Wedding Photography

Greetings, I am Jay. I am a proud father and husband. I could not ask for more in my own wee family- we are the best team and best of friends. Our recent wedding was no doubt one of the finest experiences of my life, second only to the birth of my daughter and son. We live in the peaceful surroundings by the great Atlantic and great mountains and as an outdoor family we spend our weekends around the coasts or on the road seeking adventure. I do live a simple life, but possessions-wise I cherish my the camera in my hand, my Bedford ‘Bambi’ campervan and anything made by Polaroid. I can’t resist Arthur Guinness’ Porter, the occasional Black Bush and a toasty turf fire at home.

I specialise in shooting weddings; indoor and out, rainy, windy, sunny, real weddings!